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What is ThetaHealing?

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What is Theta Healing?

 When we try to help and solve physical and emotional pain, the search can be long and seems to be endless.
If you've been looking for answers and help a long time ago, or maybe this is the very first time you need it because you've had to face a new challenge, you have the solution right at hand!
You may think "How is it possible? The answer is simple and direct. The Creator will make it possible!
By using a simple and easy technique called ThetaHealing created by Vianna Stibal, you and your loved ones can experience an instant healing. In this one technique, knowledge, wisdom. the quantum physic and metaphysic are united. 

ThetaHealing can be easily described as a miracle to your life. In ThetaHealing, we use our own intuition, supported by the Unconditional Love of The Creator Of All That Is so he does the "work". When your brainwaves are in Theta state (To understand this state of the brain, should we first know what are brainwaves are, which are five: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma, and all we do and say is regulated by these frequencies of our brain and one dominates on our different situations) you can see spiritual and physical healing instantaneously. Why? Because Theta Brainwave is a very deep state of relaxation, which is used under hypnosis and when dreaming, where our brain waves lower to 4-7 cycles per second.

This Theta frequency shall be understood as our subconscious, which governs the layer between conscious an unconscious, here are kept memories and sensations, as well as our attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. This Theta frequency is always creative, whole inspiration and it's characterized by the spiritual sensations. This is the state of mind one reaches when standing at the top of a beautiful mountain totally absorbed by the landscape, in this moment of realization one experiences The Absolute Knowing of The Creator Of All That Is is real and simply Is. We get connected to the Absolute creation, in this state is where changes and miracles are made.

Eversince ThetaHealing is taught over the base of the Unconditional Love, you'll feel very comfortable when learning and having this experience. By knowing this technique, you'll come to realize that we all have intuitive abilities to make physical and emotional healing happen spontaneously.

You will help yourself, your friends and family. This auto-healing process will change your way of thinking and feeling about all the challenges forever.

It is also a very powerful and accurate tool to make deep and permanent changes. It is also impressively
fast, safe and very easy to be learned.
ThetaHealing is an daily life ability and we learn to use our brain waves of our unconscious connecting us to the Creating Energy, where beliefs systems are changed in seconds an we "reboot" our computer, he amazing company we support: THE BRAIN.
It's for everyone! Theta Healing has already helped hundreds of people in several countries around the globe. Age, sex, race, or religion are not important. When you get to know ThetaHealing, you'll realize of the importance of sharing it and you'll want lots of people to have this experience.
Think of yourself as a tool in God's hands and that you can be the instrument to change many lives.

Many of us have faced challenges in our lives. Some with emotional problems, others wake up in the morning every day recalling physical problems that bother us and some others have both, physical and emotional ones. It doesn't matter how big or small our problems are, we can say that not only our quality of life can be improved, but we can feel more pleasure as well.

When using the connection we all have to The Creator, we can not only lighten but take away this pains from our life.The way to improve your life is using this unique and exceptional technique called Theta Healing. It's really powerful and marvelous. Plenty of its principles are based on Quantum Physics, explained in a easy and common way. All we see and quit seeing is made of energy.

ThetaHealing is a beautiful technique that lets heal physical and emotional issues from their very root. Can heal soul's deep wounds  with great spiritual love and wisdom. With ThetaHealing you can create the feelings of Unconditional Love, peace, confidence in your life in the moment you need it.


Theta Healing is a technique based on the Unconditional Love of The Creator of All That Is which works with the brainwave called "Theta" and is the one we can become witnesses of healing at a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

It´s amazing how, when making changes by this means, on the patient's / client's belief system, you find forgiveness, you forgive, feel peaceful, doors that seemed to be closed are opened, recover your health, tranquility and balance.

A ThetaHealing session lasts 1 hour and are entirely personal. They are subject to booking. If you're into improving your life, book now!

Just go to "book now" and pick an available day and hour.

It's very important that when attending a session you are hydrated and free of alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to your session.                  

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If you feel like learning this technique, please refer to "Prox cursos" and you'll find the available courses, days and hours or you can also go to